Matt Depeel
Matt DepeelPartner & Prostaff
Matt was raised hunting, trapping and fishing. With a bachelor of science degree in Environmental & Conservation Sciences, and a lifetime of experience, his passion for the outdoors has led him to many amazing experiences in the field. He brings a strong bowhunting background to the team and is excited to share his knowledge and experience with others. He takes pride in bringing new people to the sport of hunting, especially his two children.

He is a member of the Alberta Bowhunters Association, Stony Plain Fish and Game Association and active in many community events.

Kevin Morris
Kevin MorrisPartner & Prostaff
Kevin’s passion for the outdoors developed from an early age. Like many Alberta kids, he grew up with a pellet gun and fishing rod in hand. He has been hunting with a bow and rifle for over 25 years and looks forward to each season with the same intensity as he did in his childhood.

He is an active member of the Sherwood Park Fish and Game Association as well as the Alberta Bowhunters Association. He has a pure obsession with hunting and the outdoors which we all share.

Aim small and miss nothing!!

Darren & Carolyn Carter
Darren & Carolyn CarterProstaff
Darren and Carolyn are hunters and conservationists with a passion as serious as their taxidermy career. They have traveled & hunted North America, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. They were both born & raised in Alberta where hunting was part of their childhood. Their new goal is to film and share their hunting experiences for people to enjoy.

They are active members and supporters of Dallas safari club DSC, Safari Club International (SCI), Stony Plain Fish & Game Association, Spruce Grove Fish & Game Association , and the Wabamun Gun Club.

When they are not hunting, they are busy with their successful taxidermy business, Solitude Taxidermy. They have trained with some of the best in the world locally and internationally.

Grant Burwash
Grant BurwashProstaff
Spending the first 14 years of his life in rural Manitoba, Grant began hunting and fishing with his father at an early age. Moving to Alberta gave him the opportunity to hunt and fly-fish the beautiful foot hills of the Rocky Mountains. He has also been blessed with the opportunity to hunt in South Africa.

Leading up to the hunting season he spends lots of time hand loading, shooting, and doing load development for various caliber rifles at his local gun range where he also sits as a director.

He is proudly serving as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces; currently serving with the Canadian Rangers.

Some of the most fun he has is just being a Dad and teaching his son about being out on the land.

Sara Armstrong
Sara ArmstrongProstaff
Sara is a born and raised Alberta Woman with a great passion for the outdoors. She has been an avid fisher for over 25 years starting at a very young age with her late Grandfather.

Sara spent many springs and summers camping with her family and spending countless hours outdoors in the mountains.

She has been on many hunting trips with her uncle over the years, learning some very valuable hunting skills that she is excited to share.

Although Sara has been hunting for many years, she is new to bow hunting with 2018 as her first season where she successfully harvested her first archery buck.

She looks forward to her future hunting trips for big game and bear hunting in Northern Alberta.

She brings a tremendous passion for the outdoors to the the time and her enthusiasm is contagious.

She is a busy woman and, between being a certified first aid instructor and a small business owner, she always makes time for her dog Oscar, hunting and fishing!

Andrew Fahlman
Andrew FahlmanProstaff
Andrew was raised on a ranch in Southern Saskatchewan that allowed him to develop his hunting, fishing, & trapping skills at a very young age. He now lives in the Parkland area of Saskatchewan and has an exceptional passion for the outdoors. He has spent over 20 years hunting and fishing, continually growing his enthusiasm and devotion to the sport. ,Andrew hunts big and small game, including waterfowl. Andrew is a proud husband and father of two young children that he enjoys teaching the value that our sport brings.

He is the Wildlife Advisory Director with the Melville Fish and Game League, a Director of the Assiniboine Watershed Stewardship Association, a Director with the Yorkton Creek Watershed Association Board, and a member of the Saskatchewan Bow Hunters Association, Saskatchewan Trappers Association, and Ducks Unlimited.

Kyle Depeel
Kyle DepeelJunior Prostaff
Kyle recently joined the Parkland Outdoors team as he reached his twelfth birthday, passed his hunter training course and got his first animal in the 2017 season. He’s accompanied his dad and grandpa on many hunts and has shown tremendous excitement for the hunt.

He is a member of the Alberta Bowhunters Association and Stony Plain Fish and Game Association. He’s not shy for the camera and is very entertaining to watch.

Luke Morris
Luke MorrisFurure Junior Prostaff
Since he was old enough to walk Luke loved being outdoors for hunting, fishing and camping. He loves hunting with his dad and can’t wait until he is old enough to go after his first deer. While not shy of the camera, he is quick to point out that he will get bigger and better animals than his Dad.