Black Widow Innovations

Black Widow Innovations was founded in 2017 when two good friends set out on path to develop a tough, 6 blade broadhead for big game. Why 6 blades? The goal was to maximize total cutting area without compromising the toughness demands of the serious big game hunter.

Fast forward to 2018 and Black Widow acquired PX2 Archery, the standard of tough, big game broadheads in the Canadian market. This move gave Black Widow a solid, very successful 2 blade head and instant recognition for the brand.

Black Widow now has 2, 4 and 6 blade fixed heads and are in the design phase of a two new mechanical broadheads, which completes the current product line goals for 2019-2020. But we didn’t stop there! Product design carried on to accommodate some filming challenges for the outdoor TV show Pure Instinct Outdoors. Black Widow developed a tree mount camera arm to address the short comings of other camera arms on the market. We now have 3 different models for the novice level to the professional level videographer. The design team at Black widow have had a busy last couple years and are looking forward to releasing their new products in 2019 through 2020.

We are engineers. We are thinkers.We are innovators, but most importantly, we are hunters. Black Widow Innovations builds quality products for hunters, designed by hunters and tested by hunters. Quality can be affordable and using products you trust can make you a more confident and successful hunter. If we can build quality that you trust, both of us have succeeded.

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