November 17, 2001 was a very windy day and very cold. I was in my stand early for an afternoon sit. I sat in the swaying tree for over an hour and contemplated leaving as there was way too much movement of the spruce tree I had my stand in. I was not comfortable at all and a bit concerned about the winds. The wind was too strong to be able to shoot anything that walked by so I decided to have a nap in the tree and let it rock me to sleep. I lifted the seat on my stand and sat on the platform with my head in my knees and went to sleep. I had my harness tight to keep me from falling out. I must have slept for over an hour. The winds died down and I was awaken by the calmness of the air. Everything was quiet. I got back up on my seat and began calling with a series of buck grunts. It wasn’t long before I heard crunching leaves from a buck trotting up from behind me. He came right under my tree to the left then stopped, circled back around and came 10 yards to my right. I was standing with my Jennings bow at full draw. I released the arrow and made a perfect shot. He ran 30 yards up the hill in front of me so I quickly grunted at him with my call. He stopped immediately, reared up, turned on his hind legs and came charging back at me full speed then fell to the ground. He was an extremely heavy deer. Well over 300 pounds and had the staff at the butcher shop in awe when I dropped him off. He was a very old deer and his antlers were stunted for his size. He would have been a site to see in his prime. One I’ll remember for a long time.