I was hunting with my buddy, Rick, in the Edmonton Bowzone in November of 2005. I had gone to one of my favorite stands in a finger of trees between an area of swampy willow and a pasture. Ahead of me opened up into a fairly large section of trees and behind me the narrow stretch of trees lead down to a lake. We have had a lot of success in this spot. Rick was hunting about a half kilometer away behind me and across the pasture in an old farm yard. The house was removed and there was a nice deer trail leading right through the middle of the yard.

I sat in my stand for several hours that afternoon. The weather was cold and there was a lot of snow on the ground. Sunset came and there was only a half hour left of hunting light when a shooter buck came trotting over the hill in front of me coming directly towards me. He stopped at 40 yards facing me and looked over his back at something. Two does were running full speed from my right to left about 100 yards behind the buck. He turned and ran full speed after the ladies. I thought my hunt was over. Minutes later, those same does came trotting straight in on me and stopped right under my stand. I got ready in anticipation of the buck on their trail.

Sure enough, he came trotting in after the does. He came directly under my tree then started to walk away from me and stopped 20 yards in front of me and to the right. The does took off and returned from where they came. I knew the buck would soon go after them. He was walking in an arc and starting to turn towards the direction of the does. I ranged a spot where I expected him to cross a lane. 42 yards. I no sooner let down my range finder and the buck started to run after the does. I came to full draw and let out a “Meh!!!” as soon as he hit the edge of the lane. He stopped dead center where I ranged him and I let the arrow fly. It was perfect!!

The buck ran up a hill and started walking along a ridge. He went about 40 yards and stopped for a second, then fell over dead.

The buck no sooner fell down when I heard something coming in on the trail directly below the ridge my buck died on. I expected possibly another deer and got ready. It was Rick! What was he doing!! There was still 5 minutes of hunting light left and he’s walking in on my set. If he would have come 1 minute earlier, he would have spooked the buck and I never would have gotten a shot off.

Rick helped me drag my deer out of the trees and kept saying he’s a nice buck but he had a weird smirk on his face. I finally asked him what that was all about. He said “that’s a nice buck….. BUT MINE’S BIGGER!” He shot a giant 164″ 8 point. We grabbed the ATV and loaded my deer then worked our way over to his. It was very impressive to see it. I was proud to be a part of that great double header. It was a close call as Rick, in his excitement of shooting a tremendous Edmonton Bowzone buck, nearly blew my hunt. We are still friends today despite his lack of judgement.